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We’re fully stocked on Optrix iPhone cases!

We have a big shipment of iPhone 4/4S/5 cases from Optrix. These things have a wide angle lense, 100% waterproof and shock-proof case, and turn your iPhone into a beastly action sports video camera! Check them out.

We’re now distributing Buck Trucks!

Buck_Trucks-White1 Buck_Trucks-Black2

BUCK TRUCKS are designed, tested and manufactured completely in the USA. Sure it’s more expensive for us to manufacture here, But the ability to constantly watch over our quality and design in our own back yard is more than worth it.

Longboarding deserves to be pushed towards it’s potential and we are more than happy to do our part. It’s one thing to pump a load of marketing dollars out there but it’s a whole different game to shoulder all the tooling, R&D, and manufacturing expenses to actually MAKE SOMETHING…and make it for the sole purpose of giving longboarders the purest stoke.

Going completely domestic has been hard as hell…but we wouldn’t change it for anything. Our team and local riders were blown away by the new trucks design, build and performance…and we created 12 new American jobs with the first order…we couldn’t be more proud…or be more stoked to be back in the game…and be getting BUCK as hell in the US of A.